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Colonel Williams Resort is open late June to Labor Day
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What To Expect At Our Motel

The Willmen's are proud to welcome hundreds of vacationers to Lake George each Summer. There is always a great mix of familiar faces and new guests to Colonel Williams. To make sure that everyone is able to enjoy their stay as much as possible, we ask that all guests respect a few of the motel policies.

  1. No smoking in rooms. Some guests don't enjoy the smell of smoke as they check into their room, so we would appreciate it if you could keep the smoking to the outdoors.
  2. 1 car per room. With limited parking we want to be sure that all our guests are able to park close to their room.
  3. Please meet up with friends and family off site. We want to allow our paying guests to be able to enjoy all our motel amenities. If we have too many people on the property it can get quite busy. If you have friends or family that need to see you, they can get a day pass for $45.
  4. No pets.
  5. No coolers in the room. Each room has a refrigerator to keep your perishables chilled. The last thing we want is a spilled or leaky cooler, so please leave those in your car.
  6. Only juice boxes containing natural juices are allowed in the room. Unfortunately we have experienced a few too many stains from artificial juices, so we ask that you please keep it to natural juices in the room.
  7. No cooking in motel rooms. For guest safety and to keep any fire hazards away, we ask that you do not cook in your room. The smoke detector may go off if you do.
  8. Exercise equipment is for adults only. We want to make sure that those using the equipment are using it properly so that any equipment down time is minimized. Besides, there's plenty of playground equipment and outside area for kids to get their 60 minutes of exercise on.
  9. Grills will be lit by the office staff. We want to keep everyone safe, so if you need the grill lit please contact the office.
  10. It's not us, it's the state. NYS Law requires that parents must be present with children under 8 are in the hot tub. For the pool area and the playground, we ask that children 12 and under be accompanied by an adult. Please know that we abide by all state and local laws to provide a safe and clean environment, and we enforce these as well.

When are our motel amenities available to guests?

Quiet hours are from 10pm through 9am.

Office hours are from 8am through 9:30pm.

Pool hours are from 10am through 8pm (weather permitting).

Laundry hours are from 8am through 9pm.

Game Room hours are from 10am through 9pm.

Exercise Room hours are from 8am through 8pm.

Trolley runs from 9am through 11pm every 15 - 20 minutes.

Breakfast Wagon is open from 8am through 10:30am during the season.

Please contact our Lake George motel for more information and to make a reservation - 1-800-334-5727 (US only) (US only).