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The Origins Behind the Name Of Our Resort

Have you ever wondered why the name 'Colonel Williams' for our Lake George resort? Is it the alter ego of Mr. Willmen? A relative? A ghost? If you don't know who Colonel Williams is, keep reading and you'll soon find out

The Colonel was an actual officer during the French and Indian War. His full name was Colonel Ephraim Williams, Jr., and he hailed from Newton, MA (born around 1714). So what is his connection with Lake George?

Colonel Williams was the commander of a large force of New England and Native American soldiers. On the morning of September 8, 1775 he was leading his men to Fort Edward when they were ambushed by the French in Lake George. 136 soldiers died that day, including Colonel Williams. All were buried in Lake George. This battle later became known as "Bloody Morning Scout", and is largely considered the incident that started the Battle of Lake George.

Is that enough to name a resort after the man? Maybe, maybe not. But there is more.

In his will, Colonel Williams left funds to start a school near his home in Massachusetts. The school bears his name to this date - Williams College. In fact, in 1920 the school arranged to have the Colonel's remains dug up from Lake George and transported to a chapel on campus, where they rest to this day.

The Bloody Morning Scout is of such historical significance, that today there are a number of markers in Lake George that chronicle the events of his last day. This includes a monument at his initial resting place. But don't think that you're seeing the original monument. That too has been shipped off to Williams College.

And that is the story behind Colonel Williams. The next time you mention our resort's name or drive by the place, take a moment to reflect on how it might have looked over 230 years ago when the Colonel walked on the same land.